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Studio Adriana Satta avv, located in Corso Garibaldi 63, Nuoro, offers timely, complete and professional assistance in criminal, civil and administrative cases. Call +39 0784 39613 or fill in the form on the contact page for a free initial consultation.
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Our studio which is registered to carry our legal representation before all courts and appeals courts in Italy, provides court and extra-judicial assistance in various fields, including counselling in inheritance, separations and divorces, insurance law, medical liability and damages for malevolence. Regarding our specialisation, our team has a remarkable credit recovery skills, provides legal assistance in family law, including divorce and separation, and is competent in labour and administrative law.

Scope of SERVICE

The law firm of Adriana Satta Avv deals with the following activities:

• Contractual assistance and quota payments 
• Assistance in tax disputes at the committee and offices of the Financial Administration 
• Work safety advice 
• Extra-judicial consultations 
• Labour law: aspects and problems related to work discipline and work relationship 
• Inheritance: for death, donations, etc. 
• Family law: marital separations, divorces, marital agreements between spouses 
• Bankruptcy law 
• Real estate / property law: negotiation and conclusion of contracts etc. 
• Criminal law 
• Tax law 
• Credit recovery service: to release important financial resources not available due to insolvency 
• Administrative law 
• Civil rights

road raids

It entrusts to our study the management of road accident assistance.

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